On May 21, 2005 the most perfect German Shepherd Dog (GSD) I have ever seen was born in Ava MO. It was during a time when I had to finally accept that my dog Scotty wasn’t going to beat cancer twice. This was such a difficult reality to come to terms with given how well he had done. But his osteosarcome had spread & it wouldn’t be in HIS best interest to treat him anymore. We had to listen to what Scotty wanted and be grateful for the fight he put up, what we learned from his ordeal and share it. He did far better than the doctors expected and outlived his expectancy.
Blaze was his buddy. These guys had been together for 8 years and I knew Blaze wasn’t going to be happy as an only dog again. On the other hand I didn’t want a puppy. It didn’t seem right when there were plenty of GSDs needing homes.
I’ll skip the details on my search for an adult friend for Blaze and just say that this new puppy chose us. And I’m glad he did.
We named him Scotty’s Honor Ever Present. S.H.E.P. and he was stunning. At 11 weeks he came home and has brought nothing but joy and laughter to everyone who has met him. This guy oozes character while being the epiphany of what a GSD is supposed to be. I truly believe he is Scotty’s gift to us.

June 2, 2013 I had to take SHEP to the vet. He has never been sick in 8 years. Ever. And he just seemed a little “off”. Later that day we ended up in the emergency hospital. This is SHEP’s story from that fateful day on to what we all hope & pray is a long, healthy, happy future.


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